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Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

We are a team of passionate and innovative people whose goal is to improve the lives of everybody through quantity products and state-of-the-art technology. We build great products for any business. We are willing to go extra miles to ensure our customers always receive the best support.  

Our innovative products are integrated with cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence, advanced cybersecurity protection and encryption, modern interface and UI/UX, and designed for large to small sized companies that are looking for ways to optimize their operations and sales performance.

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With  Rnext 's  fully integrated software including the following modules: MRP, ERP, CRM, HR & PAYROLL, ACCOUNTING, POS, PROJECT, E-COMMERCE to realize your omnichannel strategy or improve your sales and optimize operations of manufacturing floor, warehouses and showroom, you can easily manage and optimize your stock inventory for individual store or the entire retail chain, schedule staff attendance and measure their performance assisted by AI technology, organize customers meeting, schedule follow up calls for leads generated through our CRM Module.

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Multi-store inventory

Multi-store inventory management and automated product ordering. Combo package or individual product tracking with barcode, QR-code, or RFID. Easily manage lost, scrapped, or returned products.

Mobile POS

No more queues - Utilizing mPOS for quicker sales conversion anywhere in the store. No more clunky and chunky PC or POS. Experiment with innovative customer engagement strategies and store concepts.

Save money

Modern mPOS interface and reduction of hardware setup costs by 60%Increase productivity for store staff up to 26%, operations  staff byup to 30%


Localized accounting codes for over 150 countries.

Data analytics

Build brand loyalty through personalized shopping experience by harnessing consumer data analytics. 


E-receipt option via email for simpler accounting. Paperless is  environmental friendly.


Comprehensive security from  mPOS to  backend system. All points of entry secured and monitored

Facial Recognition

HR management with automated staff roster, manpower planning, salary calculation.

SEO Integration

Forget about code . Our SEO tool integrates with Google to analyze the relevancy of your content in real time. Increase visitors traffic with more targeted content.


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More than 100 happy customers.

Quality & Speed in our heart

Strive for Excellence in Technology & Execution

by Singalarity Motto

With optimized business processes and full visibility of sales activities across all retail stores, we have improved our productivity and customer service. We achieved better sales while significantly reducing costs.   

Ms Ha, CEO of Aroma

Mobile Point Of Sale

Smart, integrated sales management system.

One System for Everything

Integrated management process from manufacturing, inventory to point of sale

Minimize Setup Costs

                    No upfront software cost, lowest                     hardware expense

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Experiment with innovative customer engagement strategies and store concepts using tablets instead of a traditional POS machine. Reliable and is able to function during electrical and Wi-Fi disruption.

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Facial Recognition

Using facial recognition to register staff, and monitor staff performance and attendance. Easy monitoring and automated processing of payroll. 

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Cyber Security Protection

Secured from mPOS to Backend-system. No vulnerability point of entry, totally secured. Only one communication port for in/out connection; watched by security monitoring & intrusion detection/prevention system 24/7.

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Extremely Enthusiast

We grow together with our customers. All customers are happy with us.
Our customers' success is our success.

We take customer's problems into our hands.
Bonus: we are fun to work with wherever you are and whichever industry you are operating in. 

Our Services

A great solution for your business

Rnext  is protected by an advanced cybersecuritySOC with 24/7 Operation 

Level 1: Monitoring

Standard Package: 50% discount for Rnext users

$ 1500 .00

server / month (billed annually)
  • Dual SIEM, Agent, IDS, Cloud and On-Premise
  • Limited access to monitoring modules & reports
  • Server platforms: Windows, Linux
  • Standard IDS, IPS Monitoring Rules
  • Limited access to analyst workstation
  • Email Alert
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Level 2: Analysis

Enterprise package

$ 2500 00

server / month (billed annually)
  • Level 2 includes everything in Level 1, and:
  • Get access to all modules & reports
  • Server platforms: Windows, Linux, Network Devices
  • Standard IDS, IPS Monitoring Rules, Patch Management
  • Get access to analyst workstation, real-time data, limited security analysis toolkits
  • Email, phone support
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Level 3: Intelligence

Ultimate security package

$ 3500 .00

server / month (billed annually)
  • Level 3 includes everything in Level 2, and:
  • Get access to all modules, features, and reports
  • Server platform: All
  • AI-enhanced IDS, IPS Monitoring Rules, Patch Management, Artificial Intelligence, Threat Intel
  • Get access to analyst workstation, real-time data, full access to security analysis toolkits
  •  Scheduled Vulnerability Scan
  • 24x7 support
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